Friday, September 16, 2011

Tough Day but Blessed

Had a long day today.  Woke up tired with a full on cold.  Snuffy, puffy and didn't pack my razor to shave...not a good start.

Spent the morning at the new facility for my non-profit Project PATCH.  This was the kick off weekend for our Family Experience which is an amazing therapeutic weekend experience for an entire family which gives them the tools to be closer and more effective as a family.  This weekend was a culmination of years of work for our team.  I meant to be with the group all weekend but had to get home for Emmet's memorial service and to speak at a church tomorrow.

Spirit Media was filing the promotional video and it is always great to see a program from their respective.  Bill and Anne are amazing people and I love being with them.  We spent a bit of time filming my interview and even though a lens doesn't make me feel comfortable, it did give me a chance to remember all the donors, volunteers and dreamers that made this new facility and program possible.  500 acres have been transformed from raw ranch land to a resort and families are now also being transformed.  Great experience.

I raced out of there to make it to baby Emmet's service.  Barely made it in time but what an amazing service.  Everyone was wearing blue in his honor and Jaysun and Dana's cross country teams and students were there.  The church was packed and it was a great affirmation of love and confidence in God.  It was also a time for lots of tears (and sniffles on my part). 

We raced and picked up our girls and then went to a program to learn what they teach at our older daughters Montessori for their Catechism.  I learned a lot, including how to say, "Catechism" and felt good because I knew what Parousia was.  Like their comfortable kid paced approach to learning.  A highlight for me was that they had Cheescake, raspberries and fresh gobi berries.  It was good to learn more and discover once again that our daughter will be smarter me.

So the day ends with me getting ready to give a sermon at a church in the morning, sniffling about my cold and the events of the day. 

No training today, tougher day than races I've done including my IM, but going to sleep satisfied that I'm blessed.  I have a job that makes a difference for at-risk teens and families.  I get the chance to be a dad.  I have friends who inspire me.  I'd say I'm blessed.

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