Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Off Season

I'm all out of races for the year.  I thought I was going to race last weekend and another duathlon in October but both aren't happening.  No injuries, just out of time and can't be two places at once.

The only race that I'm registered for is next August and so I guess I'm in my "Off Season". 

I thought I would call a press conference to talk about my season and to start the buzz going so that I could get a better contract for 2012.  I also wanted a chance to thank my sponsors and team.

Only problem, I've already said pretty much all that needs to be said about my races and I don't have a contract, sponsor, or team. and so no one would show up.

So my season ends with a sort of fizzle.  I feel good about 2011 with some good results and my first full distance triathlon, yet I also know I haven't tapped my full effort yet.

So, my main goal for 2012 isn't just to keep moving during races (run rather than walk) it is to go to that place where I keep going when my body begs to slow down.  I've had too many races where I feel quite a bit of pain but don't give it my all. 

So, for 2012, look for race reports with some epic fails and hopefully some epic triumphs.  I will risk more and will also learn a lot more about myself.

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