Wednesday, August 31, 2011

100th Post

This is my hundredth post.  Doesn't sound like much but I like to celebrate milestones and so I'm throwing myself a bit of a party today.  Extra coffee, time for training and a bit of trying to pat myself on the back without dislocating my shoulder.

As part of my first post, I wrote:

"I have been looking for a place on-line to connect with triathletes that are like me and have to balance really important commitments with the triathlon hobby.  Since I couldn't find the place, I created this blog."

A couple questions?  Do I feel more connected?  Yes, in a small way I do.  While the number of followers (12) is small and the people that comment are few and the stats are disheartening (1700 page views), I now know there are people out there that struggle with the same things I do. 

They care a lot about their families AND want to be improving triathletes.

Now the harder question, is this blog helping me and others with balancing our priorities?  Not sure, but I do feel much more purposeful and appreciative of my life than when I started 100 posts ago.  I've noticed more, remembered more, and cracked myself up more (yes, I think I'm kind of funny).

So, thanks Google and Blogger for providing an easy way for me to write and occasionally connect with people. 

Thanks to those that read for keeping me writing.

Now for the sap, thanks for my family that puts up with and encourages my training and racing. 

Whats next?  Life is just getting more hectic.  My girls want to race more AND I just signed up for Ironman Canada (August 26, 2012).  Lots of suffering on horizon.

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