Thursday, December 8, 2011

Miles that I didn't log

It's hard not to get compulsive this time of year about trying to get year end numbers to come out cool.  I'm way off from being impressive this year and so I thought I would go for some interesting pattern or at least a round number.

And so I'm looking for every extra mile at add to my totals. 

Monday night was bike night at Portland International Raceway - Christmas light thingy.  We've made a tradition of paying a bunch of money and driving slowly through and the girls have loved it, especially since it was the only time in their lives that they were allowed out of the car seats in a moving car.

Well, this year, we decided to ride bikes rather than drive.  It was cheaper and sounded like more fun.  So Monday night, I loaded up the the mountain bikes and trailer in my VW van and the girls put on more layers of clothes than I though possible.

We went to the raceway, and we crammed the girls into the trailer and figured out how to wear bike helmets and keep their ears warm and then started our trip. 

Two things stood out right away.  First, our girls have out grown the trailer, physically and emotionally.  Second, we need to put flashing lights on our bikes.

We rode slowly around singing songs and pointing out stuff.  My oldest noticed how pretty things were.  My youngest kept saying, "Faster, Faster" and hated to be passed during a race. 

We sang (I sang with my wife correcting) the 12 days of Christmas and we had a great time.  Loaded the bikes back in the van and headed home.

I didn't count either time or miles, just told the girls that next year they are going to ride their own bikes and I silently started planning my lights, or maybe flame thrower...

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