Monday, December 12, 2011

I won today!

I was in this major battle today.  I was fighting this mind bender (I'd be a much better at describing this sort of thing if I had played Dungeons & Dragons rather than worked when I was a kid).  My thoughts were being warped with this clear message, you need sleep.  I fought that message back by concentrating on the reality that I had only been up once helping my girls with errant blankets last night.

The next attack was that I might as well sleep a bit more and bike because family was visiting so I may not be able to bike tomorrow.  I really didn't get a chance to fight this thought except I realized that I'd rather swim than bike this morning.

The final thought as I lay in my bed which seemed to get warmer and more comfortable by the second was that I already missed my workout by laying in bed so long.  I opened my eyes and focused on the clock projected onto the ceiling and it read 5:02.  So I had plenty of time.

As I got out of bed, got my stuff and headed toward the door I was just thankful that it rained all night and I wouldn't have to scrape my window.  I took two steps toward the car and nearly turned around because my car was a sheet of ice.  The scraper was even worthless.  So I turned on the car, listened to Christmas music, read email and waited.

Then I swam in celebration of all the winning I'd already done this morning.

Feels good to be a winner!

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