Monday, October 25, 2010

Could train less and still have a great IM experience?

I've read several stories recently about people who either did a full IM on a bet signed up for a full because they enjoyed their first HIM so much that they did a full on two weeks rest. 

What I don't like about these stories is that it makes me think two things.
1.  The amount of training I'm doing and will do over the next 40 weeks isn't necessary to pull off an decent IM.
2.  I'm not a "natural" triathlete in that I know from experience that I need to train or my race doesn't go well.

I want to run a great IM race as well as keep balance in my home and work.  In the balancing problem that I have, training takes away from family and work time but also in some weird ways, it gives back to them. 

I'm fine with compromises and I don't need to train like a pro, but I also don't believe going into this half-heartedly.

So to answer my question, Yes, I could train less and have a great IM experience, but not the experience I want.   I want more than simply suffering for 15-17 hours, I want the process of planing and giving it my best shot. 

So I will train as other sleep.  I will play with my kids when other train, and I will stick to my plan as best I can so I have the experience that is best for me.

How do you deal with this same issue?


  1. Hi Chuck. I found your blog through beginnertriathlete and I'm enjoying reading it. I have the same mentality as you do, wanting to tackle the IM distance as best as I can and not just finish half heartedly. If it means sacrificing a lot of my free time than so be it. I don't have a family like you, but I have a lot of commitments outside work such as church. With that, work, and training, I'm amazed when I do have any free time. However, that free time has gone towards birthday parties, hangouts, etc. where I don't get to spend a lot of it just relaxing.

    Keep up the blog writing. I'll be adding it to my RSS feeds.

    - Chris McDougall

  2. Thanks for the encouragement. Life is always busy and the IM distance is demanding but I'm feeling a lot of benefit personally and professionally from my commitment. I'm beginning to doubt that free time actually exists. I've been much more determined about my time though and feel I have less wasted time.

    Best of luck - what race are you doing?

  3. I'm going to be doing the Vineman full as part of Team in Training. I'm also doing Wildflower. Previously I've never done anything larger than Olympic distance.

    For me, I've been more worried about fundraising than training. As long as I'm consistent and keep to the training I know I'll be ok. Even getting hit by a car while biking last week hasn't slowed me down! Haha.