Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Pacing Help on the Run - My girls

I tried to multi-task today.  Spend time with the my girls and get a run in.  There is a nice wide multi-purpose trail near our house which I thought would be perfect for me to get a run in, hang out with the girls, and get them outside and active.

They are doing great on the bikes but are still using training wheels which at this point are causing some problems and need to come off, but that will be another post.  I think I will hold off on clipless pedals until the trainers are off.

I'm not sure what I was thinking but for some reason I thought I could go out and run a typical pace and  that I probably would need to step things up a bit to keep up.  I was about a mile into my run when it finally hit me, riding a single speed with 12" tires is a lot of work.  I typically run between 7:30 and 8 minute mile pace which is 7.5 - 8 miles per hour.  

So I let them pace me to a 11:30 pace which was fine because I  had to sprint to pick up my younger girl when she raced off the path into the deep grass.  I was amazed to see her ride it out and land on her feet.

So my pace was slow.  At mile 1.25 we stopped at a park for 20 minutes and played on the swings and monkey bars and then we turned around and went back to the car.  

I really enjoyed the run and even though it wasn't what I'd like for my workout, I'm impressed with what their little legs did and the "cross fit" workout they threw in the middle, and the triathlon talk we had on the way home.

I think I should let my girls pace my life more often.  I need to slow down and focus on what is important.

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