Monday, March 11, 2013

Okay, I'm spoiled a bit

You know how it feels to suddenly have a great weight lifted off your back.   I love that feeling of finally reaching camp when backpacking and how bouncy I feel for the first ten minutes.

I've had several runs lately that give me that amazing feeling.

The first was last week at Huntington Beach and it felt like summer.  I've been running in the rain and under 60 degree temps which isn't bad but running at 75 just felt awesome.  The breeze from the ocean was perfect and there was a relaxed lazy feel to the run.

I took this picture at the turn around.

Can it get better than this?
The second run was last week near Portland.  No picture, but Mt. Hood seemed close and was perfect white.  No wind and running along the Columbia River was crowded but people just seemed happy.

The final run was in Idaho.  I made my way up the gravel road with fields on both sides full of Elk.  A few elk ran along side and I ran over a mile with elk all around me.

There are times in which I really have to push myself to get out and run.  Travel and work have made my life a challenge lately but wow, I'm really spoiled.

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