Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The groove

First of all, I love the word groove.  I'm not sure whether it is because of the music I was exposed to in the 70's but I like it.

You will notice as you follow this blog or look at my training log on beginnertriathlete.com that I tend to get in the grove for a while and then get out of it. 

Blog entries tends to start a few weeks after the grove starts and end a few weeks before the groove sputters to an end. 

My groove creators are -
  1. Great weather
  2. An upcoming race
  3. Training with people
  4. New gear
  5. Finishing workouts in bad weather
My grove busters are -
  1. Travel
  2. Work stress
  3. Sickness/Injury
  4. Finishing Ironmans
  5. Sick Family
  6. Darkness!
So, I've been running and now have my bike set-up for winter training.  I have the Sufferfest videos loaded onto an old laptop and a goal in mind. 

I do have some travel coming up and darkness is here for the next several months but...I think for now, I'm getting in the grove and ready to stay for a while!

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