Monday, March 5, 2012

Records I'm glad I don't need to defend

I ran with the king of a trail last night. Joe is my college roommate and he lives in Irvine area. He typically ru s mid day and goes between 3-6 miles. I visited him yesterday and we decided to run and catch up on things. He mentioned in passing that he hadn't been passed on the trail for 10 years. He has never allowed anyone to pass. I thought he was joking. I train at a pace a bit faster than he does but our goal was 12k of a perfect day and talking. Hints went well for the first 7k and the. We were mid sentance and he suddenly took off. He was in full stride and I caught up and at the same time heard and saw a guy trying to pass. Joe said "no you don't" and sped up even more. We ran slowly away from this guy and at the turn he took a different way. His record stands and we then had the talk about training rather than reacting. He chose to remain king I guess I need some of his fire and he needs some of my focus. Great time!

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