Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Getting going

I'm a dad of two girls (both currently two years old) and an age group triathlete.  I also work full time and don't have "people" to do things for me. 

Why I share this is because I am learning that in the world of Triathlon, this isn't too common.  Many participants are single, have "People" and have all sorts of time and money on their hands.

I have been looking for a place on-line to connect with triathletes that are like me and have to balance really important commitments with the triathlon hobby.  Since I couldn't find the place, I created this blog.

I encourage you to write, set the tone for the content and lets work to be the best dad and triathletes we can be.


  1. Hey there! Just found your blog. I'm a mom of one little girl, married, work full time at a very demanding corporate job, balance the checkbook, do the laundry, wash my own car, do the grocery shopping and still time find time for family and friend time while beginning to train for Ironman Texas in May. You are not alone! :)

  2. Shannon, Thanks for introducing yourself. Wow, that is a lot to balance. I have much less going on than you and I rarely wash my car or mow my lawn.

    Best of luck in your training and I would love to hear more about what it is like training and racing with a complicated but rewarding real life!