Monday, December 14, 2015

My Identity Problem (not really a crisis even through that would be a cooler title)

This is the first year that I haven't competed in any race.  No triathlon, running race or even a "fun" run/ride.  

Triathlon rarely comes up in conversations but it's still listed in by bio on my "about me" page.

I'm not sure I'm a triathlete anymore.  Maybe I'm a runner because I'm running regularly but I may have more in common with a jogger than a runner since I'm not going to hit 1000 miles this year and my average pace is a bit over 8:00 minute miles.

It even get's worse.  I've only run this year, not laps in the pool, no biking. 

So can I still think about myself as a triathlete even though there is no evidence?  

My plan is to race a bit in 2016 with maybe a running race and a triathlon but can't see myself doing much more than Olympic distance.  

I know a lot of athletes identify with their past glory years and I've always thought that was weird.  I am kind of harsh on other people and on myself and so I guess I just don't want to live in the past.

Am I ready to sell y bikes?  No, I'm actually trying to find a way that I'll ride again.

Maybe at this point it's more important to not really think to much and just train and enjoy.  Am I an Irondad still?

Yes, I now have three kids and that means that I have three events as a parent and the race is long.

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