Wednesday, April 3, 2013

When Non Important Numbers Still Matter

I'm one of those people that like number patterns or significant changes in numbers.  My wife is the same way and we have pictures of our cars when they hit 100,000 miles.  Certain bithdays and anniversaries seem more important than others because of how the numbers line up or that I hit a new decade.  When I reach 42 years this year it will be significant because I will have spent as many years dating/married to my wife as I did before we met.

So tonight on a whim I looked at my Nike+ account and noticed that I hit my 300th run recorded on  I kind of took a pause and was kind had a bit of a party in my mind that I was still under an 8:00 minute mile average and that on average I run further than 5 miles.

300 runs
1612 Miles
5.3 Mile average distance
7:59 Average pace

Yet this number really isn't a milestone or significant, it doesn't capture all my runs, even this year.  It doesn't even capture my races since I don't carry my phone on those.  It just isn't that big of a deal.

But this sort of number still matters to me.  I'm not sure why but it does.  It seems like I accomplished something.  That I ran a bunch and my speed was pretty good and that I'm not running little short runs.  I feel stronger from looking at that number and so, I guess it still does matter to me.

What sort of irrelevant numbers have you celebrated recently?

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