Friday, March 22, 2013

Perspective Changes - the Multi Purpose Trail

I use muli-purpose trails (MPT) mostly for running but occasionally for biking.  The past week my girls learned to ride without training wheels and so we've found a whole new freedom and the MPT have been a perfect way to get some miles in for them on their little bikes and for me running. 

So far we have sampled three trails and during each trip, I've kind of lost it.  The main reason is that people seem oblivious to other people when on the trial.  When I'm by myself, I kind of blow off people who are walking on one side while their god is on the other.  I'm used to big gaggles of people who walk in the center of the trail. I'm not surprised by the people who walk on the wrong side of the trail and require everyone to go around them. 

But when I have my girls with me, I kind of go into papa bear mode when people do things that cause risk to my girls.

Three cenarios.

1.  They are riding along and three bikers approach and make all sorts of comments about how cute the girls are as both groups get nearer.  My girls are riding single file on the right.  They are riding three accross.  My girls ride as close to the edge as possible, but when the front girl isn't sure she can squeze through she panics and hits her breaks, the second girl crashes into her and the girls are in a heap.  Meanwhile the group keeps riding three across with concerned looks on their faces.  As I'm untangling 5 year old girls, I shout at the riders to ride single file when approaching other riders, especially if they are kids.  No response, just keep riding.

2.  Two cyclists are riding in aero side by side on the MPT that runs along a quiet country road.  Most cyclists ride on the road but these ladies were blasting down the trail and passed without warning which startled one girl and sent her into the grass.  Sure my girls need to learn to not crash when startled, but going over 20 MPH on a MPT is a bit extreme.  Once again, I shouted at them.  What baffled me is that about 20 minutes later we met again on their return journey.  This time I saw them coming and the girls weren't surprised but they still road by in aero two across on a 8 ft trail.  Once again, yelling dad.

Okay, I know I'm not the trail police and really don't want to be.  I need to work on making sure my girls have bike skills to ride around other people which I think we have but wow, I wish people would think about others a bit more.

Any ideas on what I can do to keep from loosing it on these outings with the girls?

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